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Tendenci ( is an association management software created by Schipul - The Web Marketing Company ( based out of Houston, Texas. While we may be pretty partial to the Tendenci software (duh!), we really believe that it can change the world and the way people interact and connect. Tendenci is a low-cost all-in-one online solution offering an enormous amount of easy-to-use functionality for your Web site, whether you have ten or 10,000 users. The Tendenci blog exists as a platform for us to share software updates and tips for Tendenci users. As we make updates and have new ideas fast and furiously, be sure to come back and visit the Tendenci blog regularly! Learn more about the benefits of empowering your members with Tendenci at We wouldn't be here today without our wonderful clients - many thanks to the special people that we are privileged to work with everyday.

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